Sundeep Kalsi

My car has 7 seats I love classical music

Hi guys, I'm Sunny and I love classical music. Below you can see some of my drawings! I really like to draw and I hope that you will like my art :D

Avengers A

This is an A I drew for my children. I really like the letter A. You know why? Just like me, It comes first. I'm a winner, I'm a big man, this represents that.

House number

I live at number 72 on some street somewhere. Something about me you have to know, I'm a very special. I'm a big man. It isnt good enough to have my house number hammered to my house like some peasent. It needs to be hard for the postman to see it on a sunny day.

sick food


I drew this

Just like Da Vinci I like to doodle and invent things. This is a car that can run purely off its owners ego.

joker light

I love the joker, he inspires me. One day I will be funny too.

joker dark

For now I'll settle for being the big man with my 7 seats.

my everything, my muse

Finally I want to thank my muse. This woman from the walking dead.

Thanks for visiting my art, bye guys!